Welcome Parents! To be included in this website, a family child care provider must be state licensed or county certified and be a member of Verona Family Child Care Association. As a service to parents looking for child care, each provider lists detailed information about their particular program. The providers listed do not constitute a recommendation for suitable care for your child. You, as parents, must decide upon suitable care for your child based upon many factors. When searching for child care for your particular needs, parents are encouraged to utilize the following links:

Provider Family Child Care Home Phone
Email More Info
Jenna Bahr Bahr Family Child Care (608) 845-3987 jennabahr@gmail.com [more info]
Jenifer Cribben Jenifer's Joyous Ones (608) 848-4618 [more info]
Alexa Frommherz Little Dreamers Family Daycare (608) 237-6059 dreamerdaycare@gmail.com [more info]
Gretchen Jones Jones Family Child Care (608) 441-6893 (H)
(608) 628-0596 (C)
gretchen@joneszoo.com [more info]
Natalia Letavina, Mikhail Letavin Russian Language Immersion Family Daycare and Preschool "Pelican" (608) 515-4469 mikhailletavin06@gmail.com [more info]
Liz Pekol Pekol Family Daycare (608) 848-4829 (H)
(608) 206-0410 (C)
mlpekol@charter.net [more info]
Sue Rowe Sue Rowe's 1st Care for Children (608) 845-3728 (H)
(608) 575-0026 (C)
sues1stcare@gmail.com [more info]
Lisa Yaeger The Peanut Gallery Family Daycare (608) 270-9003 lisa.m.yaeger@gmail.com [more info]