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Family Child Care Home: Sue Rowe's 1st Care for Children
Contact Person: Sue Rowe
Phone Number: 845-4728 (H)
575-0026 (C)
Email: sues1stcare@gmail.com
Website: http://www.sueshouse.com
Address: 609 Wood Lawn Way
Verona, WI 53593
Attendance Area/School District: Glacier's Edge Elementary School, Verona
Hours of Operation: 7:00AM-5:30PM
Months of Operation: Year-round
Capacity: State licensed for 8 children
Average provider/child ratio: 1 to 4
Lead Caregiver Credentials: Provider is a mother of two adult children and hoping for grandchildren! Provider has a bachelor of science degree, 27 years of early childhood experience, child development associate credential (CDA), child care administration credential, infant/toddler credential, CDA advisor, CPR and first aid certified, prevention of SBS and SIDS trainer, NAFCC accreditation observer
Assistant Provider Credentials: Certified early childhood teachers or college students majoring in education or child life, nanny experience, child development course, CPR and first aid certified, prevention of SBS and SIDS training
Professional Affiliations: NAFCC, WECA, Wisconsin Family Child Care Association, Verona Family Child Care Association
Programs and Services: **Full and part-time play/care schedules
**Year-round child care with limited closings for provider vacations
**Large indoor and outdoor play spaces
**Individual and small group play experiences
**Language development in english and daily experience with Spanish and Sign Language
**Age-appropriate experiences with art, music, pre-math, science and nature
**Nutritious meals and snacks
**Low provider-to-child ratios
**Night and weekend nannies
**The opportunity to develop lasting friendships
Statement of Philosophy: Providing quality child care really means creating a happy enriched "life" experience for children while their parents work. We maintain a safe and healthy environment. We focus on our environment and daily schedule to ensure that structures are safe and the surfaces, toys, equipment and materials are clean. Our routines and daily schedule promote trust and contentment. We provide "emotional fuel" by facilitating attachment. We provide babies and children with the opportunity to develop trusting and continuous relationships with their child care provider and other children. This provides a secure base from which young children expore and learn. When humans participate in a group of familiar people they trust, the experience is freeing, uplifting, energizing and relaxing. We are child directed and we promote learning-through-play. We provide a wide variety of activities and life experiences for the unique human beings in our care. We provide the "scaffolding" or support to help children develop physical, emotional, psychological and cognitive building blocks for present and future learning. One of the benefits of family child care is that children learn from older as well as younger children. Our approach is respectful, we model respectful speech & actions and accept and support all family members with varied abilities and interests. "It takes a whole village to raise a child." We care for and about children...and their families! With mutual support, families and child care providers are a resource for each other which promotes healthy and positive outcomes for children.