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Family Child Care Home: The Peanut Gallery Family Daycare
Contact Person: Lisa Geffert
Phone Number: 270-9003
Address: 4490 Crescent Road
Fitchburg, WI 53711
Attendance Area/School District: Verona schools
Hours of Operation: 7:30AM-5:00PM
Months of Operation: Year-round
Capacity: State licensed for 8 children
Lead Caregiver Credentials: July 2022: The Peanut Gallery celebrates itís 30th year! I have all necessary training requirements for a child care that is state-licensed for 8 children: CPR/AED, SIDS, Shaken Baby and First Aid. I have taken many classes through MATC, including Intro to Child Care Profession, and Skills and Strategies for the Child Care Teacher. I take at least 15 hours of continuing education each year. I have experience working with children who have physical and cognitive challenges. I have extensive training from occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech and language pathologists, as well as educators.
Professional Affiliations: 4-C, VFCCA
Programs and Services: Full-time schedules available for children ages 6 weeks through 12 years. Part-time schedules will be considered depending on the current group in care. Breakfast, lunch, and snack provided.
Fenced yard and several parks within walking distance. Nature preserve and walking path across the street. Non-smoking home. Two dogs live at The Peanut Gallery. The children are encouraged to do activities with the dogs, which promotes trust and bonding, as well as respect for animals. Minton and Scarlett are part of our every day Peanut Gallery group.
The Peanut Gallery consistently keeps a mixed age group of children, allowing for many mentoring opportunities between the children. Activities are individually adjusted to meet each child's needs. Acceptance and celebration of our differences and accomplishments are everyday lessons. Teaching children cooperation, patience, and empathy for their friends is the cornerstone of my program.
Statement of Philosophy: Each child is individually special. They learn and grow at individual paces and have different strengths. Their strengths will be encouraged while also being encouraged to develop and improve other skills. Honing social skills and learning independence skills are an everyday priority at The Peanut Gallery.